FX Wildcat MK2

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Description The FX Wildcat MKII is one of the most desirable bullpup hybrid rifles that has come to market. It offers the highest level of mobility without sacrificing any accuracy or power. The Wildcat MKII is the newest version of this bullpup series and offers new features including the revolutionary Smooth Twist X-barrel system. The gun will ship from the factory with the Smooth Twist liner. The cocking lever has been engineered to be the smoothest operating possible with only the highest quality materials used. Forward placement of the charging lever the provides the quickest and most simple actuation. The 8-round rotary magazine is extremely easy and fast to reload. The joy of cocking and firing this new air rifle is only surpassed by the results found on the target. 1/2 inch groups at 50 yards are common. This compact powerhouse will excite the bullpup and tactical customer as well as perform as a full length gun for the more traditional shooter.